USDT to launch on TRON

USDT or the so called TETHER Stable-coin to come onto the TRON platform.

USDT has announced plans to launch its popular Stable-coin USDT on the TRON platform in Q2 2019. In an announcement earlier today, the teams behind TRON and Tether said they had commenced work on a TRC-20 standard Tether token, which will enable the stable-coin to work on the TRON blockchain. Today’s news makes TRON the fourth blockchain to add Tether support. First available on Bitcoin (BTC), Tether was added to Litecoin (LTC) in the summer of 2017, and to Ethereum (ETH) in January 2018.

TRON – Tether support will allow users to trade US dollars within the TRX ecosystem. This will greatly benefit the network, according to TRON founder, Justin Sun. Not only will it bring “incredible stability and confidence,” Sun said, but a stable store of value would also improve liquidity and encourage institutional or corporate users to consider using TRON.

Not only will this help the TRON network and its users to trade US dollars. It will also help the numerous DApp’s that are running on the TRON Network. More notably it will help TRONbet which is the #1 DApp on TRON especially once games like Poker are launched on its platform.


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