The 3.5 Version of the Tron protocol is scheduled for release on the 28th of February. This is one day away and the upgrade aims at introducing 4 new features as outlined by the following tweet by Justin Sun making the announcement.

“will launch 3.5 hard fork upgrade on 2/28. New Features: 1. multi-sig and acct mng, institution ready 2. Dynamic energy adjustment to real-time network performance 3. 50% up performance & res usage 4. Better VM safety, events server for Dapps.” 

Right after the tweet, Justin Sun explained that the two new features of Multi-signature and Account management will go a long way in meeting the needs of institutional clients of BitGo. The latter firm had announced last week that it would start supporting TRX later this year. BitGo has several tailor made digital asset solutions for institutional investors.

Justin Sun explained how the new features will be instrumental in BitGo offering TRX support to its base of institutional clients.

Not only will this help institutional investors. This will go a long way in improving the Dapp’s that are running on the TRON network. We have seen this, time and time again over the lat couple of months where transactions are failing on the TRON network and also the network experiencing node roll back issues. I am sure that the highest grossing Dapp in terms of $$ value the Tron Network , TRONbet has stress tested the TRON Network and these updates are I am sure coming to the event server because of the pure success TRONbet has had!






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