Tron TRX has achieved so much in the short time that it has been in existence. They have launched their own blockchain, and made some key acquisitions such as the purchase of bit torrent. In spite of all these, Tron also attracts lots of hate, mainly along the lines that it is all hype, and that no projects are building on the Tron blockchain. But that line of attack is about to lose steam quickly, now that projects like SeedIt are building on Tron.

SeedIt is a payment system built on the Tron network designed for instant transactions. Through SeedIt, users can send and receive Tron (TRX), or any other token instantaneously to anywhere around the world. Looking at the big picture, SeedIt could emerge as a competitor to online payments in use today, including the likes of PayPal.  With such high potential projects building on the Tron blockchain, it won’t take long before there is a mass migration of developers to Tron. People laugh at Justin Sun whenever he says that Tron will surpass Ethereum, but he actually could be up to something. All it will take is for a few more high potential projects to build on it.

Besides, the Tron blockchain is gaining such projects at a time when more countries are becoming more lenient towards ICOs. The Thai government has been in the news today for passing favorable laws. Already more than 20 ICOs are ready to launch in this country.  This could be a pointer that a new wave of ICOs like that of 2017 is on the way. Once it happens, there is a good chance that a number of them will be built on the Tron blockchain, and that will add to the value of Tron in the long-run.

A combination of all these factors puts Tron at a very good place for growth in the long-run. They make Tron (TRX) a highly undervalued blockchain at current prices. Tron is currently trading at its historic lows, which makes the risks of any significant drops highly unlikely. This means that the potential of Tron (TRX) to push higher in the next bull rally are quite high.

Prove to this is in the price movements of Tron (TRX) in the last 24 hours. In this period, bitcoin made a minor surge of 5%, and with that Tron (TRX) made similar gains too. This is unlike last month, when Tron only kept falling even after bitcoin shot up to $8000. This indicates that money is flowing into Tron (TRX) and that there is increased investor confidence that its value will rise once bitcoin turns green again.  As such, in a new bull run, the value of this crypto stands to outperform the market.

Tron TRX made huge gains in 2017 when it was just a mere concept. Now that it has its own blockchain, has control over the 100 million user bit torrent, and has projects like SeedIt building on it, how high it can go at this point is anyone’s imagination.



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