Callisto Mining
Callisto Mining

It has now been just over 2 months since the Callisto MainNet has launched.  We have written an article about mining Callisto before MainNet launch which you can read here,

The profitability of Callisto still remains very high, and last time I checked on it was still outperforming many of the big boys including Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.  Callisto had an interesting start to the MainNet launch especially when the mining pool 2miners broke off from the main chain and started to mine its own chain. This issue was fairly quickly rectified by the Callisto team, but many of the miners that where mining on 2miners missed out on very good returns as the payment that was made to them was no where near enough if they where mining the Callisto main chain, rather then the new chain that was created by 2miners and the 51% of hashing power they had over the Callisto Chain.

The question still remains though, why are people still mining on 2miners and risking the chain to be broken off again? If you have a look at the 2miners hashing power over the Callisto blockchain they consistently have over 50% of hashing power, which includes the PPLNS and SOLO mining. have a look at this chart below, this is live as of 17th June 2018.

callisto hashing distribution

If you look at the above chart, and combine the total hashing power of 2miners for the PPLNS and SOLO mining they have over 51% of hashing power again. I personally think another break off disaster can happen again, and personally I think people should be informed more and try to look for pools that are not money hungry corporations that have thousands of $$ available at their disposal for marketing, SEO and PPC (SEM) just to bring more miners across and make even a bigger profit and not caring about the blockchain itself that they are trying to support.

As you can in the above chart there are many pools to choose from, my personal favorite that I have been using is this particular pool has a couple of high end server locations in Europe and the United States. The pool is fairly small in size when you compare it to 2miners and only holds about 2% of the Callisto hashing power on the blockchain. Having spoken to the pool owner and their group in Telegram, this pool owner only supports the Ethereum Classic Blockchain mining and Callisto, and is here to support the actual blockchain rather then looking to make a quick buck and making multiple pools to gain extra profits. Hence I have been mining at this pool and have had no issues whatsoever.

To sum up this article about Callisto Mining, I think we as the mining community including myself who want to support Callisto and its vision, need to think about where we will be pointing our mining rigs, do we want to support the big corporations that already have 50% of mining power, or do we spread out our mining rigs across different pools and prevent another disaster from happening again as we have seen at the launch?

What are you thoughts?




  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the article. I’ve already changed to a much smaller Callisto Pool sine June 15th with less than 1% pool fee; for 2 days, I’m seeing at least 5~10% more rewards which might be due to “Luck” factor : )

    • Could be luck, or it could be that 2miners is robbing us blind.
      I made the switch as well a while ago and having better results as well.

      • Actually, I was on a medium-sized pool for a long while, and then found out 2miners had better result +10% (I felt I was robbed by the 1st pool). Out of blue, I tried the aforementioned smaller pool. Well, better result +10% than 2miners and I will keep mining on that one. At least, luckily we have done our due diligence to get better rewards in mining. : )


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