Is Sony launching its own cryptocurrency?

With the two patent applications that involve crypto mining hardware, they have the telltale signs that Sony could well be thinking of launching its own cryptocurrency. Although this is just a calculated guess, it is possible that the electronic giants are leaving the door open to the possibility.

The “Device and System” application shows that Sony is honing in on the security issues that small networks with just a few nodes have by saying that “the number of devices accessing and contributing to the distributed ledger may be small, such that security issues occur.”

Sony wants to use the proposal of virtual nodes that would boost numbers in smaller networks. This would mean creating a device that can host virtual nodes from as small as ten to thousands of nodes. “The number of virtual nodes may be much higher, e.g., ten times larger, than the [total] number of devices,” said the second application from Sony.

Although this information doesn’t mean that Sony is creating their own cryptocurrency just yet, they are most definitely entering the crypto mining hardware sector in the very near future.




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