antminer E3
antminer E3

The Antminer E3 is a product from Bitmain. With 180 MH/s for $1800, this is the world’s first Ethash ASIC miner. There has been a lot of talk about this particular miner and a lot of talk in the Ethash communities if a hard fork should or should not be done to prevent these miners from mining on their respective blockchains.

Hashing algorithm: Ethash

Power consumption: 800W

Hashrate: 180MH/s / shipping in July

The price of these machines when they were released on the market by Bitmain last week was $800, now since a lot of the Communities have announced not to fork against them Bitmain has increased the price by a whopping $1000, and now the price sits at $1800.

These particular units i take it have been mining for a while already while Bitmain was testing them, do i see them as a threat to the GPU miners out there (inc myself) no not really. These machines are mining at a very similar pace as to many of the 6 x GPu rigs out there. Many people argue that the difficulty would increase in many of the Ethash coins, but with difficulty increases the price would increase as well, benefiting miners.

The benefit would also come to the gamer’s out there as there would be less demand on Graphic cards and the price of graphic cards would come down.

I would say majority of the miners would be mining Ethereum. With the Metropolis Update around the corner for Ethereum. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s making Ethereum from PoW algorithm to PoS algorithm, similar to Zcash. When Ethereum becomes PoS all mining farms will become obsolete. PoW Miners with loads of GPU’s will have to abandon Ethereum and move on to other Ethash based coins such as Callisto and Ethereum Classic.

Once the Metropolis update comes on to Ethereum and miners switching coins, could this mean the rebirth of Ethereum Classic?

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