When it comes to taking care of the environment and using renewable energy, Australia is planning to lead the way with the construction of a new solar-powered crypto mining farm. The project is being described as the nation’s first-ever “behind the counter grid center” that will be powered by renewable energy and merging crypto, and solar power makes complete sense.

If any industry needs the help of renewable energy, it’s the crypto mining sector. The news of the construction of the solar-powered crypto mining farm in Australia should be welcomed across all quarters of the industry.

First ever solar-powered crypto mining in Australia

Plans for this first-ever solar-powered crypto mining farm that uses solar energy in Australia is making news in the ‘land down under’. An Aussie data center operator and its cryptocurrency subsidiary are hoping to construct the crypto mining farm with renewable energy in a remote coal-mining town called Collie, that is more than 200km to the south of Perth.

The crypto mining farm will be developed by the aforementioned data center firm, DC Two and their crypto subsidiary, D Coin. The solar-powered crypto mining operation will be powered and constructed by a company named Hadouken.

In a recent interview with IT Brief, DC Two talked about their plans to offer a low cost and high-density data center that will use renewable energy sources. They said that “By providing customized low cost hosting options specifically engineered for cryptocurrency and mining at globally competitive rates, DC Two & D Coin have been able to attract the interest of both the local and international crypto mining community.”

It seems that the operation will look to attract customers and mining companies who can use their specific zones to host their own cryptocurrency mining operations at the plant.

Eco-friendly ethos for crypto mining farm

The plans for this audacious solar-powered crypto mining farm are expected to take shape at the beginning of 2019. It is believed that the first stages of the solar farm could see a power supply of up to 4 megawatts. The plans are currently for two installations to serve 256 IT racks, with a load of delivering a capacity of up to 30kw.

The company is very upbeat on the implementation of the farm and how it will be a powerhouse that will use the latest advancements in solar-powered renewable energy to cater to crypto miners. DC Two reckons that with the initial 4MW of power available that “the data center could mine about 650 bitcoins per annum worth around $6 million based on current mining and exchange rates.”

This is the not the first time this year that an Australian company has proposed a ‘behind the grid center’, as the Sydney-based IoT Group, who is a blockchain company, also proposed a similar idea earlier this year that is yet to come to fruition.

As the need to take advantage of renewable energy heightens across the globe, this newly announced plan to create a solar-powered crypto mining farm in Australia is set to capture the imagination of the eco-friendly community and crypto mining enthusiast.



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