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Ever wanted to own your own Business? What stopped you? Opportunity, timing, income or even the idea?

Welcome to TRONbet!

TRONbet is a gambling dApp that allows users to place bets using TRX. It is revolutionising the gaming industry via the Tron blockchain.
Whilst many gambling sites offer similar type games, the fact that TRONbet is the first dAPP to launch on Tron and be Provably fair!
This however, is only a small portion of what makes TRONbet so great.
TRONbet never ICO’d their product, such is their belief that product comes first. They have created a fail-proof, fail-safe idea built on the belief of wealth distribution that ensure the wider community owns the DApp.
This however, is only a small portion of what makes TRONbet so great. The benefits that TRONbet offers, with its ability to factor in loyalty bonuses is so clever in its creation – but this will be detailed later in this article.

So, how does it work?

To successfully navigate into Tronbet, you will first need to have a Tronwallet, and obviously some TRX. Once these are enabled, you can then enter the TRONbet site to play their games. Currently, there are 3 games you can play – DICE, MOON and RING.
All 3 provide you with ample opportunity to win TRX as well as providing you with hours of fun and entertainment.
However, when you factor in all of the above, there are major benefits to playing TRONbet and being involved in its scope of works. It was created with the intent of wealth distribution.
This is where TRONbet gets interesting – the fact that it offers loyalty bonuses with the ANTE token. So in essence, the more you play, the more ANTE you make.
As with all games, there are wins and there are losses. With this in mind, all losses go into a dividend pool that gets re-distributed to ANTE hodlers. The more you play, the more ANTE you have, the more dividends you receive back – it’s as simple as that.
Currently there are 100,000,000 ANTE tokens, which was first advised as the maximum supply. Given you can now gamble with your ANTE, any losses of this token will actually be burnt, thus decreasing supply. This is a win for those who are keen to maintain ANTE long term. In addition to this, the TRONbet Team have announced that 20% of all the profits each month will be used to buy back ANTE. This is already happening on a particular exchange, and the ANTE purchased is being added to the burn pool. This is decreasing the total volume supply, and increasing share of the dividend pool.
Where else would you be earning dividends for a token that the longer you hold it, the better off you will be?
TRONbet has made a major stand in its DApp creation, but is not content to stop there. More news will follow about future plans, but there are strong hints that Blackjack and Poker may soon be made available in the next couple of months. In addition to this, and another major avenue for Revenue will be Sports Betting. Can you imagine what this means for those hodling, or wanting to buy ANTE? The greater your ANTE, the greater your share of the dividends at play.
Taking into account whether or not the team bring out those said games as above, TRONbet has grand plans which are currently in progress and this I believe will turn the dAPP space on its head! The TRONbet team will create a one stop dAPP shop. This new dApp store/shop creation will bring wealth distribution to current ANTE holders as well as new users of the newly launched dApps. But more news of this will given once the platform launches.
This is wealth redistribution at it’s core, and singularly the most positive and valid reason that makes TRONbet the very best DApp in the game.



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