Tron PornHub Partnership
Tron PornHub Partnership

Four days ago, on June 27 – PornHub via Twitter made it known that it is going to accept ZenCash and Tron. PornHub, the world’s largest adult entertainment websites with over 115M+ daily users, has indicated it is accepting ZenCash (Zen) and Tron (TRX), as well as the launch currency on PornHub Verge (XVG)

In an announcement on Twitter PornHub specified: “We’re excited to announce that were now accepting @zencashofficial and @Tronfoundation as crypto currency payment for Pornhub Premium!!”

Earlier, PornHub adopted Verge (XVG). Though, before Verge could seal the deal, it announced a crowdfunding program which was purposely designed to achieve the surprising partnership with a firm that the team called a “global organization” with a “vast network of high traffic sites”.

Not long after, today, the founder of Tron – Justin Sun tweeted the much welcomed announcement of TRX being accepted on Brazzers, Trafficjunky and Nutakugames.

With movements like this, TRON [TRX] is showcasing its path of actualizing the dream of being a global-wide coin that is used by the general population .

Similar to TrafficJunky, Brazzers has its base in Montreal Canada. It produces x-rated movies making it one of the leading porn companies in the world with over 35 mil traffic monthly.

We are excited to announce that we’re now expecting Zencash and will soon be accepting Tron (TRX) as cryptocurrency payments or Brazzers memberships!”  – Brazzers Twitter page

Keeping in mind that like Pornhub, Brazzer’s commences and conducts a lot of transactions in its network and adoption Tron could be just the very right step to do.

“Hey, Guys! We’re stoked to announce that we’re accepting Zencash official and Tron (TRX) as cryptocurrency payment for all your Nutaku Gold needs!” – Nutaku Games Twitter

The hentai game producer Nutaku, that has over 20 mil visitors on a monthly basis signed for the same opportunity as did TrafficJunky and Brazzers – Accepting TRX and Zen.



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