Malta has made it obvious that it wants to become the “Blockchain island” and it seems determined to achieve its goal.

Binance the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by volume chose Malta for their new headquarters after warnings received from Japan, China and Hong Kong to a possible shutdown.

Binance wants to offer fiat-to cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals which will improve its liquidity and open their platform to new investors entering the space with fiat purchases. Currently, very few exchanges offer this option couple come to mind Coinbase and Coinspot – the Australian middleman exchange.

Malta has warmly welcomed Binance, which hopes to start partnerships with local Maltese banks to enable fiat-to-cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals within a few months.

As Malta moves towards a blockchain adoption, the founder of Tron , Justin Sun tweeted that Tron is seriously considering investing and operating in Malta. What Tron and Justin Sun have planned for Malta is yet to be seen, but the Tron community can surey be excited about this.

I guess time will tell what will happen with Binance, Malta and Tron and that part of the Chapter is waiting to be written.

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