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Callisto Mining

What is going on with Callisto – CLO?

We have written a few articles on Callisto already, as initially there was a lot of hype on this second hard fork on the ETC chain (considering that ETH was the first). This team has promised a lot, and to this point has delivered very little especially when it attempts to experiment for future possible implementations on the TC chain. Initially, Callisto was all about having a smart contract auditing team and auditing smart contracts.

It has now well been over 4 months since the Callisto – CLO chain has launched. Smart contract developers have been hired over 2 months ago, which in turn means they have received 2 months worth of pay from the Callisto treasury yet, no smart contracts have been audited?

One of the pool owners attempted to contact head of Marketing at Callisto, as well as the Callisto founder, but could not get answers to the concerns he had on this project. Given his pool had close to 20 Gh/s of hashing power, why wouldn’t they want to talk to him. This pool has subsequently closed down, and understandably so.

Given the market’s recovery in the last 3-4 days, we have not seen CLO increase in price. It is trending in the opposite direction going further into the red. The price a month ago was hovering around 6c, and currently it is less than 1.6c – and the market is in recovery?

In addition to this, we understand a few team members have been let go without explanation.

Miners are dropping off, and the price is decreasing, and the question remains, what is happening with Callisto? Why have no smart contracts been audited for free despite the smart contract auditing team being on the Callisto books for over 2 months?


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