Verge Currency XVG
Verge Currency XVG

Verge is a privacy-focused crypto currency offering anonymity, speed, and low transaction cost. I have followed Verge for a while now that’s Verge (XVG). I believe it will offer more than just a secure and anonymous way to transact. As the 20th most prominent coin by market cap, XVG a.k.a. “the future of privacy” finds itself competing for top tier in the privacy world, sizing up against the likes of Monero, Zcash and Dash.

Verge allows users to choose whether they’d like to perform transactions on a public or private ledger via the “Wraith Protocol”. The Wraith Protocol functions as a simple toggle that provides users with the ability to quickly switch between completely anonymous or public transactions, and gives its users a choice which other coins do not allow.

Verge had many ups and downs like a lot of the crypto market in the last 6 months, Verge had the McAffe fiasco, then there was the missed new years deadline. Even though the deadline was only missed by a day or two (depending on your location) I personally think the Verge team could have better communicated their updates on the Wraith protocol before the deadline was missed and the community would have been better informed and less panic would have been created on the Market.

Verge recently undertook a 75 million XVG crowd funding campaign to secure and reveal a Partnership that is to be announced on the 17th April. Tokenpay covevered the majority of the funding putting in excess of 60 million XVG coins.
The crowd funding was also to make some other things happen that are on the road map such as the nano ledger integration. At the moment one can only speculate what ” the biggest partnership in crypto” would be. Verge has a big community behind it hopefully this announcement places the coin somewhere in the top 10 currencies and rewards some of the early HODLers of Verge.

One can only think that once the announcement is made on the 17th of April that verge will kick into overdrive and it will propel it up the ladder. Verge is a strong contender in the race for privacy; a race that is far from finished. Whether the project reaches its ambitious milestones or falls short, 2018 will be a defining year for Verge.

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