The brain child of Justin Sun, Tron is a crypto that is potentially ready to take the World by storm.
From what we can gauge, Tron has the European market in sight, in particular setting up their headquarters in Malta to take advantage of Binance launching there which will include Fiat trading pairs. Ie EUR/TRX
What this will do is potentially see Tron trading against the Euro instead of Bitcoin / Ethereum which could have been its intention all along.  From what we can see, and as we state, we can only see externally, but the project Tron wants to undertake is massive.  It doesn’t want to have to rely on another platform, it wants to become THE platform.  We have already heard rumours regarding other crypto’s wanting to run on the Tron platform, and we are sure there are developments that will come to light in the next few months.

Given that its intent was to design a platform to handle payment and credit sharing for global entertainment, every indication provided is that they are pointed in the right direction.  They have an abundance of developers at their disposal, and seem to be on track to deliver on their promises.
In addition to what we already know (the partnership with oBike in Singapore), they have also announced partnerships with:
– Bitguild
– Baofeng (Chinese Netflix)
– Gifto
– Uplive
– Matchpool
– Peiwo APP
In light of all of this, Tron was only founded in September 2017.  We are thinking that in such a short space of time, and the amount of significant expansion, you may not be keeping a close eye on this coin, but we certainly will.
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