Many investors are probably wondering if the cryptocurrency boom will eventually flame out or if it will turn into the next big thing and thats where the SAFEx community hopes that SAFEX will turn into the next big thing. Safex certainly has a nice written blue paper and they have a very ambitious project, where they try to create a market place for sellers and buyers ie Ebay / Amazon.

SAFEX had a 90%+ gain last year after McAfee tweeted about SAFEX. McAfee Is well known for shilling, promoting, and making obscure cryptocurrency predictions, McAfee has had significant influence in the past promoting or discussing specific coins on Twitter. Some have gone on to see massive short term gains as did SAFEX in December.

The SAFEX project has had a lot of downs after being removed from numerous trading exchanges inc Bittrex and Cryptopia. This caused a lot of panic from some community members and SAFEX is currenty trading only on tradesatoshi a very small exchange.

As mentioned earlier this is a very ambitious project and the safex team is developing its own blockchain. Currently the Safex token exists on the omni layer of the Bitcoin Blockchain. However, once the Safex Blockchain is completed, that will change and it will exist on its own Safex Blockchain.

Daniel Dabex the creator behind the SAFEX blockchain has recently created a new software company that will be responsible for the creation and day to day running of the SAFEX platform.

The updates from the team have dried up in recent times, as it seems that Dan has his mind on Lieberland (the country thats trying to exist on no man’s land) rather then focusing on the task ahead. The last update that came advised the community that they are working on it in a timely manner.

What will be the next update and when will safex release its blockchain inc the new safex cash token I guess this will be released by the SAFEX team in a “timely manner”

What are your thoughts on SAFEX? comment below


  1. My advice would be to get out while the getting out is good. The dev lowered the buy back from 200 sats to 180 and the price on the one exchange can go as low as 150 sometimes. I expect a huge dump if it ever gets listed somewhere else.

  2. SAFEX feels like an abandoned project.

    Their Discord discussions are almost never about SAFEX. Dan Dabek has essentially disappeared. They haven’t posted real updates in months. If you look at their old update videos, it’s a bunch of promises that were never fulfilled.

    It’s sad to see this project in this state. I don’t understand what happened because in the summer of 2017, there was a lot of hope about it. Why did Dan Dabek let this happen, I guess we’ll never know.

    • What your are posting about next exchange and the article on safex that is the beta product and still has not been launched, so its missinforming the safex community, the only exchange that is live for safex trading is tradesatoshi.

  3. Safex is great project for all of us who are looking for bright future, it’s delivering real value that will be mass adopted. Yes, it needs time, this is not some scam-pumped project where you can jump in and take the profit. Have a nice day friends!


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