Espers ESP Coin
Espers ESP Coin

Espers Coin

Whilst there are many Crypto’s out there with a variety of functions, today we take a look at Espers, and what they in particular have to offer.

This Crypto is aimed at Website security and safety, and they will also ensure your website is never taken down or removed.  Espers will also ensure you have complete control of your data, and at the same time increasing speed and performance.

The advantage this provides, that once implemented, will also include features like cross-chain interfacing, websites on the chain, modular sidechains, secured messaging, and file storage within the chain.  Within this, everything will be connected via a universal interface that any coin can take advantage of.

The secured messaging is interesting though as the message’s security is twofold, including both the encryption via a dedicated algorithm and the ability to confirm the validity of the message, just like the blockchain would do with transactions. The message contents would stay private, but the blockchain would report when messages get sent and which public key receives them.

The Espers Blockchain stores most files locally, allowing for mobility and a lightweight blockchain. Chain Apps are the ability of Espers to plug in any blockchain-operated app and thereby grow capabilities.

Espers has wallets available for most operating systems. You can download the wallet for Windows or Mac directly from the website, get instructions for Linux, or view the source on GitHub. There is also Bootstrap for both Mac/Linux and Windows.

We are not saying this Coin is a world-beater, but this is definitely one to keep an eye on.  The capabilities of this coin /blockchan offer so much, and you can easily see the benefits of this Coin for Business usage.

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